Money Coaching

I work with inspiring clients worldwide, some who have concrete financial goals and others who simply want to feel more confident with their money. 

Having hands-on finances enables you to live your life to the fullest! 

Is it that simple? No, it will take a bit of time to know yourself, to get empowered on financial literacy matters, and adapt your way of doing to your personality. But the end goal is amazing, you’ll learn, grow, gain confidence and stay on track by having an accountability partner. It is well worth the effort! 

Financial coaching is an investment.

An investment in yourself.

A treat that will have lifelong effects.

This subject of financial literacy is more and more taking the spotlight. It isn’t difficult, it’s just a matter of financial education and sadly, a lot of people have a blockage, especially women. As women’s empowerment is one of my favorite topics, I would very much like to help you and make this world accessible to you. 

You would benefit from my coaching if : 

  • You’re in the 50% of women who want to start & take action but don’t know where to begin
  • You want to gain independence in your money management
  • You want to learn about financial literacy, understand the world in which we live & see yourself as a confident investor
  • You want support from an expert to be reassured
  • You want to use your time wisely and having personalized coaching is the best combination you found for time vs. progress

I am coaching people on their personal finances. Why not you?

My subjects of interest and expertise are : 

  • Money relationship
  • Knowing your numbers, better spending & savings
  • Portfolio vision in synch with your goals and values
  • Financial literacy
  • Empowerment so that you make your own choices and know why you have done them
  • Support to help you transition in life

My financial wellness offer for every goal and personality

You are self-determined, self-disciplined, know what you are doing, and want a check-in every so often

  • Individual coaching to help you in your journey!
  • Peace of mind as I am here when you need me!

You have a specific need you want to get sorted. Ex: home buying strategy, life event, etc.

  • Support towards achieving your goal
  • Accountability buddy to track your progress
  • Being empowered and feeling pleased with yourself!

You want to reach financial peace of mind, be financially literate, and be a confident investor

  • Understanding WHAT you are doing, HOW, and WHY!
  • Guide you in setting up your money goals and getting good habits
  • Demystify the investment world
  • Have a global portfolio vision

*+VAT if applicable, depending on your country

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Nearly convinced? You’ll find below my dear clients’ reviews

Marieka is technical but as she knows her stuff, she makes it very accessible for everyone. She adds value by connecting concepts together and manages to keep a relaxed atmosphere, full of goodwill. She really wants to empower us to take ownership of our finances. She is inspiring and a great example we can relate to, so we wonder, why not us?

Laetitia NN, financial services professional, London

I really enjoyed Marieka’s coaching as I managed to evolve on the personal finance subject. Being a woman, money was still a bit taboo and not a priority, and I wanted a change. I have not only learned tons about financial literacy but also adapted my investments to my personal situation. I have understood which investor I was, what I wanted in life and got reassured of my choices thanks to Marieka

Constance S, digital marketing professional, Lisboa