Building Your Financial Peace of Mind

“The way we treat money is a mirror reflection of how we treat ourselves.” Catherine Morgan


  • Building an emergency fund – which is your number? 
  • Recognizing good and bad debt 
  • Risk appetite and diversification 
  • Financial literacy to make informed choices 

Key takeaways?

  • Actionable steps and knowledge to gain financial peace of mind 
  • Bringing awareness 
  • Being in control 


TIMING: 1h30m (1h15m workshop + 15m Q&A)


  • Which objectives is this workshop addressing? 
    • To reduce/avoid financial stress, the number 1 cause of stress in developed countries 
      • Did you know 53% of Americans can’t come up with $1000 in case of emergency? 
  • Who to promote this workshop to? 
    • Anyone willing to change, learn and create good financial habits 
  • Why is it one of Marieka Finot’s signature workshops? 
    • Through knowledge comes confidence and thus, a sense of financial well-being. Peace of mind is what Marieka deeply cares about, also being a yoga teacher. 
    • Includes the takeaways from her 50+ interviews for Money Chill Out podcast