“The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of possibility”

Paul Newman

Choosing a workshop with Marieka Finot will boost your employees’ financial well-being. Check out my signature workshops at the links below. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more and organize a workshop in your company! 

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  • Linking concepts together and having a holistic view is Marieka’s specialty! 
  • Peace of mind is what Marieka deeply cares about
  • Includes the takeaways from her 50+ interviews for Money Chill Out podcast 
Money Check-up Session
Building Your Financial Peace of Mind
Starting to Invest

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Money Mindset, Emotions and Bias
Knowing Your Numbers
Knowledge is Power
Financial Literacy on Asset Classes
Responsible Investments

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Bundles: To get the full experience and master one subject

6 Weeks Investing Deep Dive
3 Weeks to Manage Your Budget
3 Weeks Psychology of Money

Nearly convinced? Hear from my clients

“Marieka is technical but as she knows her stuff, she makes it very accessible for everyone. She adds value by connecting concepts together and manages to keep a relaxed atmosphere, full of benevolence. She really wants to empower us to take ownership of our finances. She is inspiring and a great example we can relate to, so we wonder, why not us?”

Laetitia NN, Financial services professional, London

“A yoga session for the mind and your financials! 

I attended Marieka’s session about financial empowerment and not only was it an amazing refresher on why it is important to focus as soon as possible to invest for later but also giving you tools to do it efficiently. Be on FIRE, empower yourself, grab a slot in her workshop! “

Benjamin B, Financial services professional, Paris

“This workshop was super empowering to understand the basis of financial investments: what is the amount you can invest based on your salary and what to think about while doing it. Afterwards, you will start to invest in your future for sure!!”

Andrea F, Marketing professional, Munich

“I attended Marieka’s webinar about the Money Mindset, and I am amazed at how much I learned about emotions around money and how they can impact major life decisions! I now always take an extra step nack and ask myself if my emotions are well aligned with my core values, professionally and personally. Thank you Marieka!! I will attend the next one as well I am sure I’ll learn something useful again :)”

Cecillia M, Financial services professional, Paris