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The topic of money is often taboo and women aren’t always taking ownership. Having worked 10 years on trading floors in London, often as the only woman, I want to challenge this unspoken reality and do something about it. And a lot goes through education. Financial literacy is of major importance and the earlier you grasp it, the better you can plan your life ahead, your projects, and reach financial peace of mind. It’s a real liberator and it is in this context that I am launching Money Chill Out, to help you demystify the intimidating world of finance, and have an open, honest, and frank conversation. So let’s talk about money, mindset, investment habits, and any best practices and join me on this journey to get more comfortable, be inspired, and get empowered!”


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Episode #47: Money mistakes

We shouldn’t think about money as a calendar thing, it’s continuous. 

That said, I wanted to start 2023 by empowering you to avoid the most common money mistakes. 

For this episode of Money Chill Out Podcast, I am joined by Renee Cohen, CFP®, who is helping women make confident choices to increase their wealth.

We are talking about :

💡 The most common money mistakes

💰 Are there people more subject to making them?

🚦 How to get better?

💫 Best practices 

✅ One piece of advice for the new year! 

Episode #46: How to get detached from money?

Have you ever thought about the concept of designing a life you don’t need a vacation from? 

I hadn’t until I met with Mel Miles for Money Chill Out podcast, and spoiler, I loved it!

In this inspirational episode, which suits well the time of the year when we often reflect, we are going through her process from the idea of quitting to living a life that aligns with her needs and desires. 

And I am sure you can learn a lot from her experience : 

🌎 Her corporate life

💥 The idea of quitting

💫 Her process to actually quit

💰 How she got detached from money

🌈 How she has designed a life she doesn’t need a vacation from

Episode #45: Blissful money

I guess everybody would want to have a blissful relationship with their money, live an abundant life, and build lasting wealth. This is exactly what we discussed in this episode, and spoiler, it is accessible to everyone!

To start a feel-good month with your money, today for Money Chill Out Podcast, I have the pleasure to welcome Jenny Whichello, a mindful money coach. 

💡 So what is a blissful relationship with money? 

🚀 The concepts of the inner and outer work of money

❌ The common mistakes to avoid

✅ How we can use gratitude and mindfulness instead?

💥 The power of visioning

And only then, financial planning can come into play

Episode #44: Family business 

Want to know about the financial reality of an early-stage family-built start-up? And which rules, boundaries, and eventualities they discussed not to put their sisterhood at risk? 

Today for Money Chill Out Podcast, I am very happy to welcome Charlotte Jacqueau, one of the co-founders of TCHAC

And we are talking about 

💡 The idea of creating Tchac with her sisters 

🚦 Her move from a high-paying job

💫 How to make it work as a family business?

✅ How to put the right boundaries and discuss eventualities

💰 The financial reality that comes with early-stage entrepreneurship

This is a refreshing episode, honest, transparent, and lived. It’s not about sharing your story once you’ve succeeded! 

Episode #43: Cost of living crisis

This week for Money Chill Out Podcast, we are talking about the cost of living crisis with Olamide Majekodunmi, the founder of All Things Money.

In this very practical talk, we are going through tools and tips to help you better manage your money when it is scarce. 🚀

Want to learn about :

🔣 How to implement changes to your budget?

🙋‍♀️ Which measures did she take against the cost of living crisis?

🌈 How to diversify your income stream?

💰 How to recession-proof your finances?

This episode is for you!

Episode #42: Financial stress

😳 56% of Americans can’t come up with a $1,000 in case of emergencies. 

It’s no surprise that financial stress is the number one stress for people, and this is the subject of today’s episode with Frank Iozzo, CPWA®  

We can all relate to financial stress at one point in our life, so if you want to learn more about it, in Money Chill Out Podcast, episode 42, we spoke about:

💡 What is financial stress

🔣 Some key statistics

🤷‍♂️ How financial stress doesn’t drop off as meaningly as income grows

💫 What are the general best practices 

✅ How to avoid living beyond your means

🚦 How to plan for some life events, like starting a family and divorce

Episode #41: It’s not about the money 

“The relationship that we have with money is really a mirror reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves”.

Today for Money Chill Out Podcast, I am speaking with @Catherine Morgan, a financial planner, founder of @Money Panel, and podcaster @herfinancial shoes. And we are talking about it’s not about the money, her amazon best-seller book.

Ready to embark on a personal and practical journey? Let’s go! 

In this episode, you’ll hear about : 

💰 Her personal story where she used money in a way to attempt to fill a gap in her life 

🙋‍♀️ Why deserving wealth is the most important

💡 How to understand our money relationship by raising awareness

💥 What are money traumas (and spoiler, it’s not as bad as it sounds!) 

🌈 How to get into wealth

Episode #40: Start-up financing

“Raising funds is more than just money…

It’s about getting the trust of external investors that become partners”.

For Money Chill Out Podcast, I had the pleasure to welcome Adrien CHALTIEL, the co-founder of, a platform that connects startups with the largest collection of private investors and public funding.

We spoke about : 

🍀 Financing opportunities 

🤷‍♂️ What is the hardest for entrepreneurs when they want to raise funds 

🚦 When is the best time to do it

🙋‍♀️ Is now a good time to raise funds?

💥 Women’s representation in the tech industry

Episode #39: Money movers

83% of women care about where their money is invested, and 69% feel a sense of urgency for responsible investing. Yet, a lot of them feel disengaged with their personal finances. 

That’s what we discuss with Anneka Deva, my guest for Money Chill Out Podcast, who aims to empower 30 000 women to move £ 1 billion for the planet by 2030. 

Here is what we discussed : 

🔣 Some key statistics

🚀 How changing your pension provider is 21 times more powerful than lowering your carbon footprint, going vegetarian, stopping flying, and changing your energy provider combined!

💫 How beginning your learning journey is the most important

🌎 Mapping your money

🌈 Sharing some inspiring contents

Episode #38: Getting good financial habits

“It feels like everyone can afford everything all of the time … There was an element of me trying to chase that, I wanted to be part of that cool life too”

Today on Money Chill Out Podcast, we are talking about building good financial habits with Patrick Venn, who used to be “awful” with money according to his words!

After a wake-up call at 27, where his girlfriend had to lend him money for his best friend’s wedding, he went a long way. In 2.5 years, he devoured podcasts to get himself educated, got a higher-paying job, and succeeded to pay back his £20k credit card debt. 💰

Thanks to his experience and how much he learned along the way, he decided to launch TOMII, a financial coaching platform for everyone! 🌈

Want to hear about how to create and maintain good financial habits? This episode is for you! 🎧

Episode #37: Teaching kids about money

💡 “You can start educating your kids about money from the age of 4”

At that age, they can start creating money habits, having pocket money, and understanding a few concepts.

But how? That’s what we discussed with Will Rainey 👱🏻‍♂️, from Blue Tree Savings

While teaching his young daughters, he wrote weekly on his blog and published a book, Grandpa’s fortune fables.

If you want to know : 

🌈 How to open up the subject of money with your kids

📚 How to teach in a fun way to get them engaged from a young age – 7 to 13 years old

🙋‍♀️ How to respond to their blunt questions!

💰 How can they understand the value of money?

🚦How pocket money is the most underrated education tool

This episode is for you!

Episode #36: Green financing

🎙 “I thought a lot of the finance world was a bit shallow and I wanted to give more meaning to what I was doing”

Whatever industry you’re in, do you have the same desire? 

Today, I am very pleased to welcome Stéphanie Mielnik, CFA, a woman who put in the effort to find a job 100% aligned with her values. 

She works for the Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute, an NGO that advocates for climate transition within the fixed income markets. Or in other words, how to redirect capital flows from dirty to green by bringing awareness and using a market-based approach. 

In this episode, we are talking about : 

🍀 What is green finance?

💫 Her action to help financial institutions restructure their portfolio with green financials

💡 New initiatives like sustainability linked bonds

💥 Positive news with players shying away from fossil fuels

Such an interesting discussion with an optimist expert, to bring you up to date with initiatives in this space. Let’s go!

Episode #35: Deep dive on pensions

💥 Did you know people on average lose 40% of their income at retirement?

And that number can go to 60% for high-earning individuals?

In order to be well prepared for this life-changing event, I have the pleasure of inviting my ex-finance teacher at ESSEC Business School and investment professional, David Rideau. 

In this 35th episode of Money Chill Out Podcast, we have discussed : 

💡 Why having a private pension is wise 

🚦 When to start investing for your pension

💰 The tax incentives to do so

💫 Your options at retirement

❤️ How to protect your spouse

Episode #34: Starting to invest

The hardest is often to start. 

This is true for a lot of things, of which entering the stock market

That’s why today for Money Chill Out Podcast, I am with Martin Juul-0lsen to speak about “Starting to invest”!

Martin has been investing since 2008 when he experienced the market crash losing most of his savings. He learned the hard way but instead of being put off, he got interested, and made it his job! He helps newbies in the market to start their investing journey

In this episode, you’ll learn about: 

🤷‍♂️The first things you need to do

💫 How to figure out your strategy 

💥 The power of emotions

💡 Which powerful habits you can implement

📚 How to get info & knowledge

🚀 Ready to take the fast lane? Let’s go!

Episode #33: Dealing and learning about taxes

Do you think speaking about taxes is a bit like Marmite, either you love it or you hate it? 

I think so, and that’s why I needed a passionate speaker to keep you interested and learn about this subject which is of utmost importance when we look at investments.

Today for Money Chill Out Podcast, I am very pleased to welcome Carla Hoppe, the founder of @wealthbrite and ex-international tax specialist. 

In this episode she’ll :

– Give us an overview of taxes, from VAT to pink tax 🚦

– Dive into investments taxes with the likes of rental, dividend, and capital gain taxes 📚

– Step back to understand what states want to achieve with their taxation. High taxes aren’t an issue if you get them back somehow i.e Nordic states. 🍀

– Open up the subject with one of the biggest debates about taxing capital

Episode #32: Modern financial planning

Anthony Carlton is a Certified financial planner and Vice President in a fintech wealth firm. He helps People in Tech Become Smart Investors. 

I am sure he could help you too, that’s why I invited him to Money Chill Out Podcast! 

And today we are speaking about modern financial planning. 

In this episode, we’ll dive into: 

– How modern financial planning differs from the traditional one?

💰 Examples of financial goals & how to make sure you get them done

🚦How to put in place a system to tell your money where to go

🌈 Great advice for you to get better in your money management 

An empowering talk in financial literacy, with lots of practical ideas for you to use. Ready to learn and grow? 🚀

Episode #31: Real estate investments

Today I am very pleased to welcome Soph’ and Val, the women behind Sivingsisters, an Instagram account that help demystify the real estate market. They launched last summer, already have a community of >10k followers, a team of around 15 freelancers and they provide group coaching from A to Z to help young people with their first buy. 

Sophie has a real estate background from her studies, and Valerie is very interested in investments, she aims for financial freedom. 

With their first salaries, they each bought a flat, and to continue investing, they launched a holding. They now have multiple properties near Perpignan, in the south of France, at the age of 25 and 27! So let’s see how they do it and how they started!

Episode #30: Financial activism

Today I am honored to welcome Robert Gardner to Money Chill Out Podcast, a high-profile individual in the finance industry who uses his power to try to make the world a better place. On top of being director of Investments at Saint James Place and managing £150 billion of clients’ wealth, he has founded the 4th largest investment consultancy in the UK and holds a few board positions. He is driven by financial well-being and making money a force for good and thus has an industry-leading position when it comes to responsible investing. 

In this episode, we are talking about financial activism, the persistent campaigning to create change, from having a net 0 portfolio to being a member of climate action 100+ to engage with the largest emitters on the planet, to diversity in the workplace, and empowering people as early as 4 years old with money skills.

Episode #29: A woman against the odds

Today I am very happy to welcome Grace to the show. This woman brings fresh air and hope, coming from a disadvantaged background and making it all the way up to portfolio management. She oversees £800mio of assets and has been awarded Fund Manager of the year 2021 for women in investments. Not forgetting where she is coming from, she has a contagious simplicity, is mindful of what she spends, loves to treat her family and give back. She is well aware not everyone has her ascent, and as a lot of things happen at a young age, she is very involved and dedicated to sharing skills and knowledge with teenagers. She mentors, educates, prepares for interviews, and runs an investing group to show them finance can be an option. 

In this episode, we’ll talk about obstacles she faced when she was at uni, how she moved from audit to thrive in the fund management industry, what her job represents for her, how she lives and why investing is so important.

Episode #28: Side hustles

Today I have the pleasure to welcome Valentine de Louvencourt to speak about side hustles. After a burnout, she created Wuju and co in 2016 to research the food industry, and launched My chef is smart in 2020 to sell the R&D they invented. In order to be financially stable, she kept a freelance activity in media consulting. It also enabled her to build equity, which is a prerequisite in order to get any funding. With loans, subsidies, and help from the regions, she built a 5-person team, and an innovative offer they are now ready to sell to a bigger group. Valentine is an entrepreneur at heart so wants to see what’s next in another industry!

Let’s dive into her world and see how she manages to dedicate her time and energy to these 3 projects to have things done without going mad!

Episode #27: Special edition, 1 year anniversary

Welcome to this Special Edition to celebrate 1 year of Money Chill Out podcasts. Time flies when you have fun and I am so happy and proud we’re here now! 
It’s never a given when you launch and start something completely new. Back in 2019 podcasts weren’t a media I was listening to, so when I thought about creating one in early 2021, I had, of course, no idea how to do it. In this episode, I am speaking about how I started, how I improved and got better, and the fears and doubts I faced about consistency, finding guests, and inspiring themes. 
I am also reflecting on Financial Wellness to bring on the recorded episodes. It will bring you perspective, refresh some concepts, and you’ll see how every theme is connected as you need a holistic view to feel good with your money.
Thanks so much to all my guests, for your time and your willingness to share, your experiences are invaluable. Thanks so much to my listeners, who share and support this podcast, your comments, feedback, and introductions are precious. 
And there are also a few milestones we can celebrate like the first 1000 downloads after a few months, the global reach on the 5 continents, and the continuous effort to release an episode every 2 weeks. 
To many more, and an immense thank you from the bottom of my heart!

      Episode #26: Crypto money

      Today I am very pleased to welcome Jean Marie, a computer engineer who has discovered cryptos back in 2016. And he really got into it, launching his YouTube channel in 2017 and writing 2 books in 2018 and 2019. We’ll talk about the technology behind blockchain, why it’s an entire new world and how we can use cryptos. We’ll of course discuss about how to invest and how to start with the 15 000 cryptos available in the market. With a lot of FOMO going on and emotions taking over, we’ll also speak about mental health. Having suffered a burnout in 2021 because of too much work, he is well aware money doesn’t bring happiness and it’s important to go back to the basics. Throughout this chat, I loved how Jean Marie gave perspective, so let’s go back to “1995 for the internet” and open our minds!

      Episode #25: Redefining successes

      Sandra is one of those people who have communicative energy. She does a lot, works a lot, but never forgets why she is here: to learn, grow, practice kindness and cultivate her happiness. She climbed the corporate ladder in an impressive way being the head of Facebook IQ for South Asia Pacific. She became a public figure in Singapore through her environmental activist work with the Up 2 degrees movement she created so that aircons are set at 23 degrees inside. She went twice to Antarctica, once with one of the most famous explorers Robert Swan and as a UN women ambassador. She decided to quit the best job, the best lifestyle to pursue her dream: sailing the world and really being. She trained for 6 months, felt very privileged to be on the “Round the world clip race”, came back to London, and self-published a children’s book on her adventure. She really pushes boundaries, connects with people, and inspires them. That’s probably why she is been featured in a lot of media from the Financial Times to the London tube! Let’s spend the next hour with this amazing woman who is fun, sharp, down-to-earth, and driven. Let’s go!

      Episode #24: Fundraising

      Today I am very happy to welcome Simon to Money Chill Out, to speak about fundraising. Being in his 20s he has specific views on things, has learned on the go, and a lot by himself. This is pretty refreshing especially when we see the end results: he created Havr, a software company in 2016, experienced a 50% quarterly growth, had 25 employees, raised capital twice for a total of EUR 5.5 million, and has been awarded Forbes under 30. In this talk, we’ll speak about values and how to create a successful start-up, we’ll go through the fundraising process, and how to prepare to pitch. And we’ll stay down to earth, focusing on well-being, when Simon and his partner decided to sell because they needed to do another round of fundraising but weren’t ready for it. A great example of hard work, eagerness to learn, good sense, and vulnerability, let’s go!

      Episode #23: Deep dive in fixed income

      Today with Timothee Pubellier, we are doing a deep dive into fixed income, those products that provide periodic income payments at predetermined interest rates. They are often seen as more technical and complex than equities, but they can be great for diversifying your portfolio and for providing additional revenues. Even though he serves institutional clients, today’s focus will be on individuals so that we have a great overview on why, how, and when we can use bonds in our portfolio. And we’ll use our expert to go further, discussing portfolio construction, diversification, and the current economic environment. Let’s embark in this financial literacy discussion, where concepts are explained for everyone!

        Episode #22: The ladies bank

        Today it’s an honor to welcome Alix de Renty, the person behind the Ladies Bank by Oddo BHF, an information website dedicated to women’s financial needs. After seeing so many of her female clients sending their brothers/fathers/lawyers for appointments in her private banker role, she decided to do something about it and launched a free content platform back in 2016. Thanks to varied characters and the issues they may encounter throughout their lives, her goal is to make you want to play an active and positive role in your finances. This side activity is her way of giving back time, knowledge, and education on such an important matter. And it’s for everyone, you don’t need to be a millionaire!

        In this inspiring talk, we’ll go through what it is to be a private banker, how she helps wealthy clients to build a portfolio, and what we can do at our level. We’ll speak about women’s wealth, and how despite representing 50%, their needs weren’t met by the industry. We’ll learn about studies they have conducted to really understand what truly matters to women, and what they have implemented to make them more care and reach much more engagement. It’s all about meaning and purpose, not about the best performance! Let’s go!

        Episode #21: Sustainable money, a discussion on social and environmental performance

        Today we are speaking about sustainable money or how to align profit and purpose whether you are a company, an individual, or an investor. And we are joined by @Marine Hortemel who will immerse us into her world on how she helps and guides companies to get the well-known Bcorp international label. We’ll go through initiatives taking place to take care of our one planet, from new banking concepts to impact investment funds and how we can better spend our money. We have to be alert on ESG matters, reading labels, and enquiring about processes so that there is no space for greenwashing. We as individuals have a lot of power, let’s get inspired!

        Episode #20: New year, new you with your money

        With the year coming to an end, it’s always good to reflect and take perspective. This year’s achievements have gone way beyond what I imagined. I launched my podcast being 8 months pregnant and a few episodes later, I had listeners in each of the continents. This is the magic of our globalized world and the power of reach to do it in English.

        So for the 20th episode I, @Marieka Finot, am doing the talking on a few principles that I follow and that have helped me hugely with my money. Because I find them of great value, because I am sure they could serve you too, and because they are a great way to achieve financial wellness, I am sharing them with you. Listen having an open mind, take those that suit you, enquire about others, and adapt them to your way of doing. This isn’t a lesson, nor an exhaustive list, just my top 5 principles discovered thanks to my experience and through helping others with my coaching. 

        My key principles

          1. You need to go financially naked, or in other words, you need to open up on the subject of money. 
          2. Value your time, your happiness and link it to your spending. 
          3. Make your money work 
          4. Think about the future
          5. Detach yourself from money and have a gratitude mindset

        Episode #19: The definition of a business woman

        Today I am having a discussion with A businesswoman. Kristen juggles a CFO job with a side hustle and a family of 4. She is impressive in many ways: She started to be money educated at 6 years old, started working at 13, and made her way up in the corporate world thanks to a bit of luck and lots of hard work. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and isn’t afraid to fail, she just doesn’t want to have any regrets!  Her way of doing is pretty refreshing, she trusts people, delegates, spends 1 hour exercising each day, and doesn’t beat herself up if she can’t fit everything in. A very down-to-earth and inspiring woman, let’s listen!

        Episode #18: Knowing your worth

        Being paid for your worth and having a fair salary seems pretty obvious, but very often when it comes to money and especially with money at work, we can feel awkward and uncomfortable.  Do you know that the vast majority of women never negotiate a salary? Why isn’t there full transparency on salary disclosure? Do you think and hope companies will recognize your worth and give you pay rises? The corporate world doesn’t work that way, and you need to advocate for yourself. And today, we are joined by Johanna Perrin, a talent lead who will empower you with practical tools and tips to prepare for a salary discussion. With her experience, you’ll take some perspective knowing what’s being done in the recruitment space, put yourself into companies’ shoes, and through research and knowledge you’ll get more assertive and find credibility. A rich discussion that may change your way of seeing things and push you to act! Let’s go!

          Episode #17: Dual couple career, or when one put his career on the side

          Today I have the pleasure to welcome PH, a new generation of feminist man, who is trying to change old norms and behaviours. Taking care of his daughter while his wife was in the US trying to grow her company, he realised what it is to be a single parent in charge and the challenges it created, having to leave work at 5pm everyday and barely having any social interactions. Earning less than his wife and only working 2 days a week as a freelancer, his relationship with money has changed, so has their way to invest. The rest of the time, he is working on a side hustle to empower men at birth with videos on how to raise their partners’ oxytocin levels. Such a great insight into a more traditional woman’s way of life, let’s go!

          Episode #16: Money Mindset

          Today I am welcoming Laura, a 27 year old Londoner who is sharing her money journey, in an uncomplicated way. Because she is relatable, is starting from scratch and learning along the way, she inspires many people to get better with their money. Talking about all aspects of saving, budgeting, clearing a debt, and investing, she does it in a fun, judgment free and jargon free way. And she is here in Money Chill Out to connect the emotional to the practical, so let’s go straight to step 1 as everything starts with money mindset. Let’s see what it encompasses, and what we can do with it!

          Episode #15: How to monetise your online content?

          Today I have the pleasure to welcome Meriem,  a beauty content creator and the woman behind Mimi’s signature. She started back in 2016 to share her idea of beauty to empower women to love themselves.  5 years later, she has built a community of more than 130k followers on her YouTube channel and some of her videos are approaching a million views! We’ll speak about the onset of her blog, her start as a video publisher, and how she slowly grew to be able to live from her activity and diversify her sources of income. Now being pretty successful she doesn’t forget all the efforts and is still very down to earth. Let’s hear about her adventure she compares to a marathon!

          Episode #14: A success story for a business with values

          Today I am welcoming Benjamin, the co-founder of Unbottled, a French-made solid beauty products company that wants to free bathrooms from plastic and chemical products. With people’s willingness to reduce waste and be more planet-friendly, their products have found a sweet spot. And it’s booming! A year since the launch, they expect to reach 5 million of sales by year-end. From finding the right business partner to starting a brand and reaching out to clients, you’ll get brilliant and down-to-earth feedback and advice on their adventure, of course with a financial and money lense.

          For anyone looking to launch his project or anyone who likes to learn about success stories, this episode is for you, you’ll learn a lot and for sure get inspired!

              Episode #13: Being self employed and all that comes with it

              Today I have the pleasure to interview Lauriane Gepner, a travel and lifestyle journalist, and we are talking about being self-employed and all that comes with it. Indeed, her passion for writing is only 50% of the job, and she needs to manage a lot more from prospecting to pitching new story ideas, organizing trips, and making sure your clients pay. So let’s dig into how to organize your time, how to create a name, and how to make a living when you are your own boss. And with 10 years of experience, let’s get her wise feedback on setting your own business rules, through confidence, legitimacy, and proactivity.

                  Episode #12: Learning from the top, part I, investments and initiatives to financially empower women

                  We are back with Lindsey, who took over a financial planning and advise business in Seattle and today we’re discussing about investments and initiatives to financially empower women. This episode is an inspiring lesson and a share of knowledge so that people understand how women invest, what they are after, and how to start investing following key investment principles and tips so that you have the confidence to make informed rational decisions and reach financial independence. what a great program !

                  Episode #11: Learning from the top, part I, financial planning

                  Financial planning is an usual word, still, we don’t necessarily know what it is and all that it covers. From understanding the mechanics of money, to establishing financial goals and ways to get there, let’s learn about this new generation of female financial planner who seek to partner with their clients and help them transition in life. And for this, Lindsey, a pretty inspiring profile in the finance industry, who took over a family business in Seattle, will shed a light on her activity.

                  Episode #10: Money when moving to a new country

                  Expatriation is amazing: it’s a new challenge, it widens your mind and it’s full of discoveries. Still, you need to understand well the local specificities in order to be able to negotiate your salary and leave with good conditions. Money considerations like cost of living, taxes, and pensions are very important. So is your return to your home country. To get back on your foot have peace of mind, a bit of planning and forward-thinking is essential. So let’s hear about Julie’s experience, a French woman living in Romania.

                  Episode #9: Earning less than your partner

                  Today I am with Benjamin, who earns less than his wife. Like 25% of couples, he is not the primary breadwinner and feels great about it. He was working in investment banking and decided to move to Moodys to spend more time with his girls, to be the king of his agenda and so that his wife could take a big opportunity. He sees his couple as a team and even though this situation is much frequent than we think, he still gets jokes about it and thinks men aren’t ready for it! We’ll also speak about investments, where Benjamin’s focus is really about income tax relief, and how he became a whisky investor with the desire to build something for his girls. 

                  Let’s listen to this story, full of good sense!

                  Episode #8: Financially planning for big events: studies and baby

                  Tessa is a bright woman with a lot of ambition. She works hard, puts in the effort, and manages to achieve. From ESSEC, a top French Business School to Harvard in the US, she always eyes for the top. But studies have a cost and she managed to have a big chunk of her MBA funded by merit-based scholarships.  What’s great is that since living in the US, she has also learned about raising funds for charities. She’ll share with us how she does it and what are her tips to be focused on and achieve.  She is now about to welcome a baby boy, so let’s see how her financial planning is going on!

                  Episode #7: Money and divorce

                  Sometimes there are things in life that we didn’t plan, like divorce. At money chill out, we have no taboo speaking about money and it should be the case with whatever situation we are facing.  Our guest today, Anne, 33 and mum of Archibald is sharing her story of separation through the money lens. From the decision to split to the ups and downs of the legal process, the financial terms of the divorce, and the new life that she is willing to embrace, let’s embark on this discussion where openness and benevolence are prevailing.

                  Episode #6: Money and relationships

                  Today we gonna speak about Money and relationship!
                  Ever wondered how others do? Listen to this episode where Fadia gives us insight on how she does it! 
                  Lots of subjects to speak about, from her wedding law and heritage questions, to how money is split for the day-to-day spending and who does what for the Medium to Long term investments.
                  Great money and investment insights from a couple where there are no natural leaders.

                  Episode #5: Money in unplanned circumstances

                  Often, there are things you don’t control in life, like being made redundant.
                  In this episode, we’ll speak about money when the near future is uncertain, but when opportunities are open and when a change is possible.
                  Let’s see how Maud has managed from hearing the news, to make this period one of opportunities, and the new challenges she faces.
                  Interesting story on a situation that happens way more than we think and when we need to truly let go!

                  Episode #4: Money earned vs. money received and investments in Arts

                  Today we’ll dig into the consequences of being gifted money, the responsibility it implies, the choices made with it, and the differences compared to when we earn it in corporate life. Being with an art enthusiast, we have wisely used Maureen’s passion and knowledge to know more about this non-usual asset class!

                  Episode #3: Insight of a trader’s own money management

                  Ever wanted to know how a trader deals with her own money and what are her best practices? In just 30 minutes, we’ll get great insight into money management and discipline, equity investment, and how to be switched on in our world to know our worth. Don’t miss this rich and accessible discussion from someone in the industry, without forgetting some lightheartedness!

                  Episode #2: Not depending on a paycheck through real estate investment

                  Want to be financially independent in your early 30s? This is possible! Listen to Vanessa’s story on how she massively saved while in the corporate world, to invest in real estate and solely rely on rent incomes. With this in place, she was able to take some risks, she launched her own start-up and became a trendy digital nomad. Don’t miss her great tips and her very inspiring story!

                  Episode #1: Tracking, planning, and forecasting to go a long way in life!

                  In this episode, we’ll speak about tracking, planning, and forecasting with a finance director, Anne-Claire Aubert. She’ll tell us why it’s so important to be aware of what you have and spend, how you can track your finances and take actions on what you’ve discovered, how she has planned a move from Australia to Europe with no jobs and 2 kids, and the process she followed to buy a house. Lots of info and insight from a rational woman.

                  “The topic of money is often taboo and women aren’t always taking ownership. Having worked 10 years on trading floors in London, often as the only woman, I want to challenge this unspoken reality and do something about it. And a lot goes through education. Financial literacy is of major importance and the earlier you grasp it, the better you can plan your life ahead, your projects, and reach financial peace of mind. It’s a real liberator and it is in this context that I am launching Money Chill Out, to help you demystify the intimidating world of finance, and have an open, honest, and frank conversation. So let’s talk about money, mindset, investment habits, and any best practices and join me on this journey to get more comfortable, be inspired, and get empowered!”