I believe financial wellness is the next key topic to have a life fully aligned


Choosing Financial coaching with Marieka Finot is an investment, an investment in yourself, a treat that will have lifelong effects. Check out the benefits and how I can help you!

5 reasons to convince you OR to confirm what you already thought…

  • You’re in the 50% of women who want to start & take action but don’t know where to begin?
  • You want to gain independence in your money management?
  • You want to learn about financial literacy, understand the world in which we live & see yourself as a confident investor?
  • You want support from an expert to be reassured?
  • You want to use your time wisely and having a personalized coaching is the best combination you found for time vs. progress?

My mission is to inspire you and work with you to help grow your confidence to make informed and exciting decisions about your finances

I want to empower you to be knowledgeable, independent and to surprise yourself

I work with inspiring clients worldwide, some who have concrete financial goals and others who simply want to feel more confident with their money. Why not you? 

My financial wellness offer for every goal and personality

Individual coaching

* VAT will be added to the price if you’re within the EU. Not inclusive of Switzerland and the UK.

Group coaching

Topics : Budgeting – Mindset – Investing

Leave your email to know about the next cohort, and let me know which topic(s) you’re interested in! 

Nearly convinced? Hear from my clients

“Thanks, Marieka for the coaching which has truly answered my expectations.

I’ve developed my financial products knowledge, I’ve managed to analyze and compare the different financial propositions from the various entities I approached, and, it was the goal, managed to make an informed decision in line with my needs.

Your support enabled me to feel confident to negotiate! I particularly appreciated your reactivity, the relevance of your questions, the clarity of your explanations, your punctuality, and your flexibility.”

Brigitte R, Sophrologist, Switzerland 

“Marieka has been and still is a crucial professional figure in my growth and my relationship with my finances.

Once my needs had been mapped and circumscribed, we worked out a plan together to cope with my difficulties and be aware of where I wanted to go.

As well as providing me with methodologies and support tools to understand how to have the most precise financial situation, she supported me psychologically to become stronger and more focused.

We have not finished the journey yet but we are on the right track! Thanks for these months together, I’m feeling more empowered!”

Federica Elena, Marketing & Communication, Lisbon

“5-STAR coaching with Marieka! If you are looking for precise financial advice, go your way, if you want to understand and take charge of your finances like a pro! This is for you! Marieka’s goal? To Empower us. And that’s exactly what she does! By asking myself the right questions, I have the feeling that Marieka was able to identify my need and point me in the right direction while leaving me in control of my choices. She knows how to put people at ease, asks the right questions, uses a simple and accessible vocabulary while remaining attentive to our needs. After this coaching, I feel stronger because I have the feeling of knowing what I am doing and why I am doing it. Thank you Marieka!”

Charlotte T, Export manager, Bali

” To optimize my savings and retirement returns, I asked Marieka to help me as her expertise in finance is well-known.

We had a 45 minutes coaching session where she helped me identify my needs taking into account my age, my time horizon, and my desires.

She also reminded me of some key financial fundamentals so that I avoid taking counterproductive decisions, especially in the world we live today.

Thanks to Marieka, my decision-making will be more serene, and better in line with my own situation. I thank her hugely!”

Beatrice G, Retired, Paris

“I really enjoyed Marieka’s coaching as I managed to evolve on the personal finance subject. Being a woman, money was still a bit taboo and not a priority, and I wanted a change. I have not only learned tons about financial literacy but also adapted my investments to my personal situation. I have understood which investor I was, what I wanted in life and got reassured of my choices thanks to Marieka.”

Constance S, Digital marketing professional, Lisbon