Money Check Up Session

“Rules of thumb really do take the person out of personal finance, and it just doesn’t align with your unique vision.” Jenny Whichello


  • Where are you in your money relationship? 
  • What’s a money mindset and what is yours? 
  • What are your money goals and what do you do about them? 
  • Balance sheet view 
    • Ins out outs 
    • Net worth 
  • Global portfolio vision and risk appetite 

Key takeaways?

  • How hands-on and knowledgeable are you? 
  • Discover your strengths and areas you can improve 
  • Ask yourself the right questions 


TIMING: 1h30m (1h15m workshop + 15m Q&A)


  • Which objectives is this workshop addressing? 
    • This workshop is designed to cover key financial concepts, take perspective and look at the big picture 
    • It will serve as an eye-opener and point out areas of strength and of development in your money management. 
  • Who to promote this workshop to? 
    • Anyone wanting to pause and reflect 
    • Anyone wanting to start but doesn’t know where from  
    • Anyone wanting to be guided to ask himself/herself the right questions 
  • Why is it one of Marieka Finot’s signature workshops? 
    • Linking concepts together and having a holistic view is Marieka’s specialty!