Manage Your Budget Bundle

“It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep” — Rich dad, poor dad. Robert Kiyosaki


  • Week 1: Knowing your numbers
  • Week 2: Q&A for all of your specific cases
  • Week 3: Knowledge is power or how to use your numbers to add value

Key takeaways?

  • Deep dive into your numbers and why it is fundamental
  • Budget workshop
  • Adding value with adjustments and automation


TIMING: 1h per week


  • Which objectives is this workshop addressing?
    • To face your current situation
    • To create your monthly routine
    • To go further by adjusting your budget and reaching out your goals
  • Who to promote this workshop to? 
    • Anyone not looking at their ins and outs, struggling to budget, wanting to get better or unsure about the next steps

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