Investing Deep Dive Bundle

“The biggest risk of all is not taking one.” — Mellody Hobson


  • Week 1: How to be sure you’re ready to invest?
  • Week 2: Setting up your goals & time horizon
  • Week 3: Key financial literacy concepts
  • Week 4: Strategies & responsible investments
  • Week 5: Asset classes deep dive
  • Week 6: Asset allocation

Key takeaways?

  • Having a structure to start to invest
  • Asking yourself the right questions
  • Bringing awareness and financial literacy


TIMING: 1h per week


  • Which objectives is this workshop addressing?
    • To understand your options
    • To make informed choices
    • To allocate your funds with what makes sense for you and your specific situation
  • Who to promote this workshop to? 
    • Anyone willing to start to invest, or those who have started but want more structure and knowledge

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