Starting to Invest

“If wealth is giving you fewer options instead of more, and more varied, you’re doing something wrong.” Nassim Taleb



  • How to know you’re ready to invest? 
  • The different investments styles 
  • The concept of diversification 
  • Finding your own way 

Key takeaways?

  • Getting a structure and a plan for your investment strategy 
  • Knowing the range of possibilities 
  • Being clear on what you want


TIMING: 1h30m (1h15m workshop + 15m Q&A)


  • Which objectives is this workshop addressing? 
    • To give you a structure for your investment strategy  
  • Who to promote this workshop to? 
    • Anyone willing to invest, whether you haven’t yet started or made a few of them 
  • Why is it one of Marieka Finot’s signature workshops? 
    • The hardest is often to start, and as Marieka’s mission is to open up the subject of money and make it accessible to everyone, she wishes to spread her knowledge to the widest audience possible!